How The Hug Strap® Works

Regular Hug Strap vs. All in One Hug Strap

I carry two designs of ukulele strap, Regular Hug Strap® and the All in One Hug Strap®, which are explained in the short video below. They are both available in three sizes - kids, petite, and adult

Installation of The Regular Hug Strap®

The Original Hug Strap® is a ukulele strap that requires no strap buttons or hooks and fits any size wasted ukulele. This installation video features the black nylon cinch strap. The cinch strap is long enough to fit a soprano through baritone.

Installation of The All in One Hug Strap®

The All in One Hug Strap® is a ukulele strap that works with or without strap buttons strap buttons, or any ukulele with one or two strap buttons, as well as banjoleles and U-Basses.