About the Hug Strap®

The Hug Strap® is a ukulele strap that works without strap buttons on your waisted ukulele.  The cinch strap is long enough to fit a soprano through baritone, and it comes in a kids size, a petite size, and an adult size.  

I invented it because I wanted a strap that offered hands free support without having to drill a hole into my ukulele.  I did not like the look of hook style straps because as a pilates instructor, I don't like things to pull my neck forward, and frankly, I tend to be clumsy and knew I would drop my ukulele using one of those. So I came up with the Hug Strap, which gives your ukulele a hug.

After attending several ukulele festivals and hearing that people loved my strap fabrics but wanted to use a more traditional strap with a strap button, I came up with a redesign of the Hug Strap®, that would work with or without strap buttons, as well as on banjoleles, and U-Basses.  This strap can also be customized to work with pineapple shaped ukes that do not have a strap button upon request.  It really can do it all.

I named this the All in One Hug Strap and obtained a patent on it (Patent No: US 10, 210, 852 B2) in February of 2019.  

Please feel free to contact me about custom fabrics, wholesale pricing for school programs or music stores, or with any other questions at thehugstrap@gmail.com.