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  • regular Hug Strap shown at waist of ukulele
  • model demonstrating the regular Hug Strap for ukulele
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The Hug Strap®

Hug Strap for Ukulele - Emilia Floral Purple Pink Mustard

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*fits any size waisted ukulele from soprano to baritone
* works with banjoleles without an additional adapter needed (unlike the older version this is replacing)
*can be adjusted at both headstock and around your body
*Requires no drilling of strap buttons and won't damage the finish of your uke by hooking into the sound hole
*comes in a variety of designer fabrics (if you choose - we also have a cotton webbing series)
*can be adjusted to accommodate most players (a kids and adult version now available)
*this strap is shown in a lightly interfaced cotton print of flower in purple, pink, white, and mustard yellow

*pattern may vary slightly from photo shown

Detailed instructions on how to use your uke strap will be included with your strap.


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