5 Christmas Songs You Can Learn on the Ukulele Today

5 Christmas Songs You Can Learn on the Ukulele Today

A collection of 5 Christmas songs from easy to intermediate.

Jingle Bells

Follow along with Melissa from The Hug Strap and learn how to play Jingle Bells on the ukulele using the C, F, G, and D chords. Click here to download the PDF. 

Christmas is Coming

This is a less well known Christmas song that I remember hearing as a child because my parents owned the John Denver and Muppets Christmas album.  It is short, only uses the D, A, and G chords and can be sung in a round with friends and family.  Click here to download the PDF.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

This one requires that you can make the shape for a B chord, so it's a little trickier than the other two, but it's fun to play and who doesn't love that you get to demand figgy pudding in the middle of a song?  Click here to download the PDF.


I'll Be Home for Christmas

Most of us can commiserate with the title of this song this year, 2020, where we all have been forced to stay home for much of it.  It's a beautiful song, written in 1943 during WWII by lyricist Kim Gannon and composer Walter Kent and performed by Bing Crosby.  While the soldier in the song is dreaming of returning home for Christmas, many of us are dreaming of seeing our relatives when this pandemic has passed.  Either way, it's a sentimental favorite.  It has a few tricky chords in it, but don't let that stop you - it's how you learn them. :)

Click here to download the PDF:


Let it Snow!

A festive favorite, with a little bit of romance and Christmas cheer.  Click here to download the PDF tab.


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